The post Top 10 HR Trends to Watch in 2020. Metrics, while useful, are an imperfect tool. Every year, Diversity Hub-HR Metrics runs a systematic process for disclosure and assessment of progressive organizations GDIB awards is a mechanism to recognize and encourage organizations which use GDIB standards to align D&I with organizational policies and process for sustainable financial and social performance. To help us insure we adhere to various privacy regulations, please select your country/region of residence. The metric could answer all of these and more. As an industry that impacts all individuals and groups, including the most vulnerable, healthcare can play a major role in achieving equity, diversity, and inclusion. The post Top 10 HR Trends to Watch in 2020. We found 10 examples of awesome diversity reports from top companies. In order for DEI initiatives to be … Siobhan Randell – Inclusion and Diversity Lead at WhiteHat. The benefits of having diverse teams at work. In addition, with skill shortage being one of the main concerns for future growth, diversity and inclusion strategies offer significant benefits to be gained by widening the pool of potential talent company’s can tap into. Some organizations separate their diversity statement from their inclusion statement. There is a false security in metrics. Inclusion: why they’re not the same. Nearly every large company (over 1,000 employees) in the United States has some sort of diversity program in place, according to research by Harvard Business Review. In regards to recruiting diverse talent, Jadczak encourages employers to first consider what they mean by “diversity” and what their goals are. At the 2020 Annual College of Law Practice Management (COLPM) meeting, COLPM Fellow Vince Cordo, Chief Client Development and Relationship Officer at Holland & Knight, commented that the market would benefit from accounting-style GAAP standards for uniformity and clarity. MORE, Best Recruiting Strategies for 2020. MORE, In the last few years, the HR world has seen a shift in perspective when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It was an important role because my group had to create metrics for our entire division to understand the health of the business. What metrics would you use to measure our social media’s performance?”). Are you sure you want to cancel your subscriptions? MORE, The positive impact of diversity and inclusion is no longer debatable. In other words, diversity is the representation of a range of traits and experiences in a company’s workforce. By Jennifer Price, HR Consultant, East Coast Risk Management. These surprising, complex findings motivated me to research why diversity initiatives don’t always work as intended, and what we can do to try to make them more effective. Employers should also review their current anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, and equal opportunity policies. Metrics are also embedded psychologically in our minds. What does equality in the workplace mean? people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, people from the LGBTQ+ community), you’re doing a great job in boosting diversity in your company. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails. MORE, While diversity and inclusivity in hiring has been a priority for the majority of human resource professionals and recruiters, today’s climate has strengthened focus and commitment to ensuring these practices are ingrained into their corporate DNA. The benefits of having diverse teams at work. Make diversity and inclusion training personal. Thrive Global. . Diversity vs. Of course, most organizations who focus on such things spend a fair amount of time trying to amplify ways in which their commitment to diversity can strengthen their employer brand. In the past, diversity and inclusion initiatives have relied on “check the box” metrics, but that hasn’t moved the needle. We noticed that you changed your country/region of residence; congratulations! MORE, Diversity is a topic that is on everyone’s minds right now, but corporate diversity programs are nothing new. There is an equal number of jobs in the market as the number of job seekers. Prioritize the skills you are looking for before you interview – Having your criteria agreed on before recruiting helps you to evaluate candidates fairly and effectively, especially those with different but equal skills. These employees will champion diversity and inclusion in the company. In a word, yes. As a result, employees are more aware of the diverse development opportunities available to them and can obtain the right learning intervention when and where they need it. MORE, Earlier this month, JUST Capital released a list of 180 companies that prioritize fair pay, equal treatment, strong communities, and a healthy planet in order to inspire other leaders and support more inclusive metrics for success. No single set of numbers is best for everyone, but here are some examples of metrics that companies are using to increase diversity and create a more inclusive workforce culture. In the broader tech industry, do you see progress being made in diversity and inclusion? Yet, despite political attention and federal regulations—the Equal Pay Act was established in 1963 !—there In honor of International Women’s Day 2020 , we’re dedicating the month of March to highlighting the unique challenges women face in the world of work, particularly when it comes to gender pay equity, as well as opportunities leaders and organizations have to truly move the needle. Rather, your company should view having a diverse and inclusive culture as a proven strategy that positively impacts your business. Please verify your previous choices for all sites. Identify key metrics and bring in people who are skilled in the space. The positive impact of diversity and inclusion is no longer debatable.