Get in touch to find out more. He The importance of soundproofing in recording environments is critical. We are incredibly versatile – we can soundproof a house, a room and a professional recording studio. Installation of acoustic material in doors. Main noises we reduce: Impact Noise; Children running; Footsteps; Things falling; Furniture being moved ; Airborne Noise; Loud Music; Televisions; Mobiles Ringing; Loud Conversations; What makes Soundproofing R us so different… We have in some cases achieved 90% Improvement in noise levels – Homes & Property; We offer 2 Year Guarantee on all our workmanship; … mess. him.”, +44 7404 277078 Book Soundproof Studio London. pays attention to small details and cleaned extensively upon completion, no dust London Sound Solutions is one of the most reliable soundproofing companies in London. It measures 8m x 4m a 3.5m x 3.2m stage area, and includes an infinity curve on three walls and is fully sound-proof. Soundproof Studios is a leading provider of quality soundproof window and door solutions for recording studios worldwide. Contact SoundProof Studios on Messenger. If a car honks outside your window, it can ruin an otherwise perfect song. Community See All. We provide the best experience for you within your home, office or recording studio. 1984 Amsterdam Ave (225.11 mi) New York, NY 10032. Studios; Healthcare; Museums; Projects; Acoustics; Blog; CONTACT US; How To Soundproof Your Apartment: The Myths & What You Can Realistically Do . This means that there is a need for dependable soundproofing companies – and London Sound Solutions is here to make a difference in how it all works. What Should I Build My Studio Out Of? left behind. We use professional methods and materials to block out Armed with this experience, we have put together several packages, each offering their own level of soundproofing. Award-Winning Soundproofing. 7. There’s nothing quite like a good sound system. Soundproof Studios is a leading provider of quality soundproof window and door solutions for recording studios worldwide. SoundProof Studios, New York, New York. However, we look at the pros and cons of doing so. You will soon learn that we are the most cost-effective and reliable choice out there. NMN Soundproofing Ltd are professional installers of soundproofing in London, in both domestic environments and office space. Unwanted noise is everywhere, from footsteps stomping across the floor above, a television blaring in the next room, or traffic whizzing by your house. As soundproofing specialists we want you to enjoy your music or TV with no interruptions from your neighbours. Music Production Studio. STUDIO 2 Soundproof Greenscreen Studio for Film, Video & TV Productions: Studio 2 is prelit, air-conditioned and ready to go! © 2021 London Sound Solutions Ltd | Company No: 10527600. Both studios 1 and 2 are much loved and recommended by Sound Recordists for their quietness and sound quality. TALK TO US. There are some pretty hair-brained ideas on the internet about how to solve one of life’s many bug bears – noisy neighbours. You’ll find Soundproof Studios’ recording studio doors and windows in these fine facilities! Arrived early, worked hard and did an or. Recording Studios. GBL Studios is a friendly and professional warehouse, purpose built to provide affordable studio spaces to London's music & business community. external noise from above, below or beside your residential space. With our help you are going to get a sound proof room you have always wanted but thought it way too expensive an investment. Soundproof your home! 235 check-ins. Music Production Studio Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our specialist South East London studios are the perfect place to create, write, produce, practice and mix with no distractions. Our expertise and experience make us one of the most effective soundproofing companies in London. Many people want to soundproof their floor and keep the original floorboards (sometimes Victorian) on display. Forgot account? Audio. I am really pleased with craftsmanship and results. Soundproofing is one of the most rewarding investments you can make in your home or business. Our contingent of South East London-based studios features an SSL room, ProTools vocal and overdubbing recording studio and an amazing three storey high tracking studio. Definitely recommend If you require any further information on our products or processes, please speak to one of our acousticians who will be happy to help. Reasons to Soundproof Your Studio. Very satisfied…”, “Conrad and his team are punctual, methodical and completed the work as planned. All of our products come with up to a 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee provided by the Consumer … © 2020 Soundproof London, All right reserved. Whether you simply just want to block out the steady hum of traffic or you want to have your space as a recording studio, where sound isolation is paramount, below you will find the perfect solution for your soundproof garden studio. Studio 1 at Mi7 is an ideally located recording studio to hire in London. Soundproofing is like waterproofing - To contain the sound within the studio, you will need to soundproof all the walls, ceiling and floor. Green Screen Studio Hire Facilities. Soundproofing London, Soundproofing Walls London, Soundproofing Floors London, Soundproofing Ceilings London, Soundproofing Doors London, Soundproofing Materials London, Domestic Soundproofing London : Based in the South-East, we are a Soundproofing company that specialises in sound reduction and absorption installations. Having an at home recording studio seemed like an awesome idea, until the day came when I couldn’t lay down tracks because of outside interference. Mi7 is one of the best recording studios in West London. RECENT PROJECTS. He is a thoroughly sound carpenter and works About See All. Soundproofing ceilings walls, floors and more. I would definitely No matter where you build or establish your recording studio - at home or in a commercial space - it is imperative to achieve the best possible sound and sound soundproofing.