Our Live Rock is calcium carbonate based, which helps take care of proper pH and makes an excellent calcium and alkalinity buffer. of new coral reef material offshore. normally done at small scales, it facilitates the use of conglomerated ARC Reef Live Rocks are 100% Aquacultured and are a sustainable practice that’s A good idea to our reef systems. Conglomerates of cement and calcareous media. Live Rock is already in equilibrium with aquarium environmental Some aquarists simply snap the coral off the plug and use epoxy to mount it to the rock. Live Rock We offer both cured and uncured live rock with select South Pacific hand chosen & harvested. The starter aquacultured live rock will still require curing like every rock that went through the shipping process. to a coral reef or in a shallow lagoon. of new coral reef material offshore. Rocks for saltwater aquariums include Fiji Rock, Pukani Rock, Aquacultured Live Rock, Dry Rock and Tonga Branch Rock. For every pound ordered, ARC Reef plants 10 lbs. Unlike the stripped and washed version of live rock that comes from many Pacific nations Florida live rock is full of life. Live Rock Aquaculture is the only sustainable alternative to wild-harvested Live Rock. Great care is taken in packaging and handling, since the rock can be very fragile and sharp. Just ask the hundreds of customers who have this beautiful live rock in their aquariums. Substrate need to be submersed in seawater to Provide shelter for some of your more shy inhabitants and keep your aquarium as healthy as possible with the addition of live rock. Curing tubs for the freshly collected cultured live rock. other invertebrates. Rocks for freshwater aquariums include Slate, Lava Rock, Petrified Wood, Mountain Stone and Quartzite. The main benefit of ocean-cultured is that Each of these areas exports a unique looking rock, and you can see samples of several types of live rock in the pictures above. Additionally, most live rock from Fiji or other international locations has been out of the water for over four weeks while being shipped to Los Angeles. Live Rock Aquaculture is the only sustainable alternative to wild-harvested Live Rock. government permits. For every pound ordered, ARC Reef plants 10 lbs. By comparison artificial reef rock is “dead”. This is what the rock looks like prior to culturing. Coral & Live Rock. The concept is simple; carbonate based rock is mined or manufactured then placed in locations off-shore to be colonized. In the case of Florida live rock, it's all aquacultured, fossilized aragonite rock - it has no impact whatsoever on the ocean at all. Live Rock farming is the process where rocks are submersed in the ocean or in tanks to get colonized by beneficial bacteria and encrusting organisms, with the purpose of harvesting them later to be placed inside aquariums. Rock'N'Critters : - Live Rock Live Stock Foods Dry Goods Gift Certificates Aquariums Live Foods Nano Corals buy live rock online, buy marine fish online, tropic The nation's premier wholesale saltwater livestock supplier. Each piece is wrapped in wet newspaper and sealed in plastic prior to shipping. unwanted hitchhikers. of new reef material back into the ocean. allow bacteria and other organisms to colonize it. Premium Cured Live Rock For Sale. For every pound ordered, ARC Reef plants 10 lbs. 8 Southwick St Rock is Pre-cured in ocean water filled tubs prior to rinsing, packaging, and shipping. organisms... same as wild-harvested Live rock but WITHOUT the 100% ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND ROCK! Our Aquacultured Live Rock is one of the best live rock for sale available in the industry. Our rock starts with Marco Rock’s land-based fossilized Key Largo coral-rock. This can achieved by It is a peaceful, non-aggressive type of sponge that can live forever in a healthy environment. Free Overnight Shipping on Orders over $299. the open ocean is often conducted from a floating barge with a crane It is the main biological nitrification base or filter . This is why some live rock looks like pale gray or white concrete. rocks are harvested with high-diversity and high-biomass of colonizing Never expose the rock to freshwater. The project started in 1990 shortly after Florida banned collection of rock from state waters. Our aquacultured live rock is absolutely beautiful, colonized by five different species of hard corals, tunicates, clams, feather dusters, coralines, sponges, algaes, invertebrates, plants and other life! Orders $150-$249 Shipping is $29.99 for Overnight/$9.99 for Zone 1. And months if you start out with dry rock and cure it from scratch yourself. 100% Live Rock - "Inukshuk" Filtration System. This aquacultured rock is a very porous Florida Limestone that was formed in the ocean eons ago. Another method is to drill a 1/2″ diameter hole in the rock and simply place the plug in the hole. rock" will spread and colonize the substrate. Each piece is wrapped in wet newspaper (or paper towel,) and plastic prior to transport in temperature controlled containers, ensuring that 90% of the life on the rock remains intact upon arrival. It contains no cement or decaying material and therefore requires no curing prior to use and is safe for all fish. is easier to control what species colonize the substrate therefore The amazing diversity of life in a marine tank and the factor of "not knowing" what it is that is living in there is something that can't be replicated by your standard tropical freshwaters. Like other Sponges, the Tree Sponge filter feeds plankton food from the ocean's water. Some aquarists simply snap the coral off the plug and use epoxy to mount it to the rock. Substrate deployment in shallow lagoons can be done from We make sure to grow the nicest looking side first. We sell the best Live Rock at the cheapest prices. 220 Albany Turnpike Live Rock and the various creatures on it was the single biggest pull for me to try out a reef aquarium after owning several freshwater setups. is place directly into the ocean, either on a sandy area somewhat close The bright purple and pink coralline algae and other marine organisms will cover the entire piece, but it will take some time. (quantity of 50 = 50 lbs.) In Order Notes Box Please Tell Us What Day You Would Like to Receive Your Order. NOW AVAILABLE, AQUA DREAMS CBR - CULTURED BIO ROCK!! Our aquacultured live rock has nearly no phosphates with much lower levels of harmful phosphates than Fiji rock. Calcium carbonate (limestone) based rock is harvested from ancient, now dry reefs in the Caribbean. Note:  When buying this rock on our website, it will be shipped from the collection station directly to you. Each piece is carefully selected from the curing tubs. CALCIUM! The nation's premier wholesale saltwater livestock supplier. Item Information. Both locations have their inherent risks and dangers from storms, wave action, and a shifting sand bed that can bury a farm’s entire crop overnight.