Iterate through the string till the end and for each character except spaces, increment the count by 1. undress, strip off, take one's clothes off, remove one's clothes, shed one's clothes, unclothe, disrobe, strip naked, denude oneself, expose oneself, reveal oneself, uncover oneself View synonyms 1.3 Pull or tear off (a garment or covering) A dispute had been going on for some time about the possession of a strip of territory which some British arbitrators had awarded to the Zulu king. Sometimes a strip of felt is interposed between the chair and the sleeper, and sometimes a serrated surface is prepared on the sleeper for the chair which is forced into its seat by hydraulic pressure. HUGE grass area with spanking new 700 meter tarmac strip you could play billiards on. It is divided into two sections by an elevated strip known as Parr's Ridge, which extends from north-east to south-west a short distance west of the middle. the Malay Land), a lozenge-shaped strip of land projecting into the China Sea, and forming the most southerly portion of the continent of Asia. You've managed to strip all the life out of this place. There are three sizes: 3 inch, 2.5 inch, and 2 inch strips. 12 1920) Italy acquired a frontier considerably farther east than the Wilson Line, and including the quicksilver mines of Istria, the watershed of the Julian Alps as far as Snjeznik (Monte Nevoso), almost all Istria with Abbazia and Volosca, and a narrow strip of shore connecting it with Fiume. This shunt is generally a strip of platinoid or constantin, and the working wire itself is of the same metal. Essex Wares is a small business committed to providing you with high quality products to enhance your everyday life. Sentences Menu. 1) Label one end of the sentence strip as the Sun and the other end Pluto. Linus, in the comic strip Peanuts, once observed that there is no heavier burden than a great potential. Its range in Spain embraces the whole of the southern half of tile table-land, ~eruit the greater part of the Ebro valley, and a small strip on the west coast of Gahcia. The strip list of example sentences with strip. - We… popper fastening with strip of 3 poppers at each side. Senator Mitch McConnell said he … Set store. Located in a strip mall, the Thai restaurant's not much from the outside, but the inside looks authentic. Definition of Stripe. Some people like to strip themselves naked while they have a swim in a secluded place. Example sentences with the word strips. Use any dry erase marker. All Rights Reserved. It rapidly absorbs the elements of water wherever possible, so that a strip of paper plunged into the gas is rapidly charred. as East Main River; Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay on the N.; and with indefinite boundaries toward Quebec on the S., and the coast strip of Labrador belonging to Newfoundland on the E. Along Hudson Bay shore there is a strip of similar rocks, and a long row of small islands of the same age, with great sheets of trap or diabase forming the tops of the hills. Occasion . The area of a strip of an ellipse between two lines parallel to an axis, or the volume of the portion (frustum) of an ellipsoid between two planes parallel to a principal section, may be found in the same way. Cast your whole vote, not a strip of paper merely, but your whole influence. It consists of a generally level strip running north and south at the foot of the Shan Hills, and of a hilly region rising up these hills to the east, and including the Yeyaman tract, which lies between 21° 30' and 21° 40' N. south of Cochin, situated on a strip of coast between the sea and one of those backwaters that here form the chief means of inland communication. Dictionary ... one strip being exposed to a source of radiation from which the other is shielded, the heat causes a change in the resistance of one arm, the balance of the bridge is destroyed, and … Strip down to your unmentionables. Replace only those words present at those given integer places by the next character in a circular fashion according to the English Alphabets. MARRUCINI, an ancient tribe which occupied a small strip of territory round about Teate (mod. The incredible winds stripped our roof of a bunch of its tiles last night. funk jam while he proceeded to strip down to his birthday suite. The strip of coast from the mouth of the Scheldt to that of the Ems remained, however, in the hands of the free Frisians (q.v. The kingdoms formed a ring around most of Tiyan with the exception of a strip of land running north along the coast and bordering two other unnamed territories. Keep your eyes on that strip of woods. He continued at his quick pace into the town, glancing over the quaint downtown strip lined with small cars and pubs. And again you initialize letters to 0, so that it can start counting the next word from 0 again.So, by this method at the end i.e. This treaty defined the boundary between the Free State and Basutoland, whereby the fertile strip of country west of the Caledon river, known as the Conquered Territory, was finally transferred to the Free State, and the remainder of Basutoland was recognized as a portion of the British dominions. They are met with in a long strip of country south of the Majerda, between the Algerian frontier and the sea-coast north of Susa; also inland, to the south-west of Susa, and near Kef; also in another long strip between the vicinity of Sfax on the north and the Jerid on the south. The settlement is divided into two parts, Damaun proper, and the larger pargana of Nagar Havili, the two being separated by a narrow strip of British territory. Roll out a strip of the underlay on top of the subfloor, leaving a narrow gap (appr. 180. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 14. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . Available in my store. The island is mountainous throughout, the low granite ridges, parted by bleak, tortuous valleys, leaving in some places a narrow strip of level coast-land, and in others overhanging the sea in lofty precipices. corroded iron and bronze objects, and a single strip of leather. A group of people in Regina do not want the city to open a strip club. I helped strip away his chances of staying with you. The change strip is a similar design but is colored sky and navy blue. The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Volume I (of II) Charles Darwin This strip contains, in the upper part, eight or ten glyphs. To count a specific word in a sentence like counting “life” in a sentence “The life of a student is like the life of a hermit”. The western crescent, known as the Chiaja ward, though merely a long narrow strip between the sea and Vomero hill, is the fashionable quarter most frequented by foreign residents and visitors. With the exception of the deltas of the great rivers and the long strip of land fringing the western coast, rice may be called an occasional crop throughout the remainder of the peninsula. Unfortunately, these plantations strip the land bare of its lowland forest. A great proportion of architectural ornaments are literally hollow, and a September gale would strip them off, like borrowed plumes, without injury to the substantials. According to the defendants, in response to their refusal to observe social distancing and wear masks, the club's security threw them out into the street. The A259 is a local alternate route to the A27 in the eastern coastal, The Rhondda lay within Penychen, a narrow, The two parks themselves are connected by a wide, Dublin was incorporated into the English Crown as the Pale, which was a narrow, Protected rocky shorelines usually show a narrow almost homogenous eulittoral, To the west, the bottom rises first slowly, but then rapidly toward the wide Greenland coastal, Capable of taking off from a 492 yard long landing, Pauli is Europe's largest red light district and home of, The crown is bronze with a broad band around the head and a thin, At the Rhine near Duisburg, it adjoins a smaller, In December, the expedition arrived back in the Caribbean coast, by the Gulf of San Blas, a, Portuguese rule in the African Great Lakes region focused mainly on a coastal, Underneath the dishdasha, men wear a plain, wide, Realizing that the ship was beyond repair, Columbus ordered his men to, The plan succeeded in extending the linear layout along the Scheldt river by connecting new satellite communities to the main, The western border of the bay is protected from the Pacific Ocean by a long, narrow, The Appalachian region of Quebec has a narrow, His distinctive, frenetic minimalism, condensed lettering and rebuslike signature were developed during the course of this, Most Chinese mines are deep underground and do not produce the surface disruption typical of, Overburden from subsequent strips are deposited in the void left from mining the coal and overburden from the previous, Around the areas of Tideswell, Flagg, Chelmorton and Youlgrave, long thin fields created by the enclosure of medieval, The parish extends as far north as Hellgill Bridge along a narrow, All he knew about flensing knives was that they were used to, Each hole is filled by a rosette of pure lead made by rolling up lead, Around 800 there was a return to systematic agriculture in the form of the open field, or, Since 2005, the SFA have supported the use of Scottish Gaelic on their teams', This may be covered by the later village, which has long occupied the whole narrow, This time, the engine roared and the kite rocked against the brakes then sluggishly rolled down the, Interior Department, in efforts by the federal government to, Temporary cat's eyes with just a reflective, In the same direction of traffic driving direction, they are mainly settled in the median, Carefully refolding the paper, he put it away and rolled himself a cigarette of powerful makhorka in the, Noddy made his first appearance in the Sunday Graphic in 1949, the same year as Blyton's first daily Noddy, It is also possible that this led to improved, Competitors wear protective headgear and gloves with a white, The cells then interdigitate to form a single-cell-wide, Since 2005, the SFA have supported the use of Scottish Gaelic on the national team's, Liverpool continued to wear red shirts and white shorts until 1964, when manager Bill Shankly decided to change to an all red, Arsenal reached the FA Cup final again the following year wearing the red and white home, In 1961, Don Revie introduced a plain white, It was not until 1997 that the rose was modernised when Nike became the official, During this decade, the recognisable 'red vee', They played two home games in Sheffield at Bramall Lane with the others in Huddersfield, the away, Occasionally they perform in a club act, which is a mickey-take of The Chippendales. The portion known as Freshwater Gate fronts the English Channel from the strip of low-lying coast interposed between the cliffs of the peninsula and those of the main part of the island. The town is built on a narrow strip of low land, scarcely half a mile wide, between the shore line and the lofty mountains that encircle the bay. A strip of metallic zinc when placed in a solution of stannous chloride precipitates the tin in crystals and takes its place in the solution. 94 examples: The present study focuses on the occurrences of and within children's discourse… In the strip of low country that fringes the peninsula below the Ghats the rainfall is heavy and the climate warm and damp, the vegetation being dense and characteristically tropical, and the steep slopes of the Ghats, where they have not been artificially cleared, thickly clothed with forest. We then create a variable, sentences, which contains the string tokenized into sentences. You can tape them together to create longer strips. WALLED LAKE, Mich. (WXYZ) — A Walled Lake man who owned a restaurant and strip club was sentenced to two years in prison for tax crimes. As an alternative, you can also use the Quote field as a constant. Indeed, Ferdinand regarded his narrow strip of Hungarian territory as simply a barrier behind which he could better defend the hereditary states. 4.3 out of 5 stars 68. The officer was stripped of his rank after being found guilty of assaulting one of his men. Traverse through the sentence keep adding characters by taking any other reference string variable, whenever we reach a whitespace ‘ ‘ means we reach to the end of word print that reference string and erase it using string.erase() like that print all the words which are separated by white space. ", This strip of country has its: own native chiefs, but is' under the control of a high Manchu officer stationed at Lhasa, known colloquially as the " superintendent of savage tribes.". To place quotation marks in a string in your code Yes, I know Pluto is not a planet anymore, but I include it because it gives me a chance to describe why Pluto is not a planet anymore (i.e., it has not cleared it's neighborhood of objects, lots of … Horridge produced from his pocket a long strip of paper. At one time the owners of merino flocks enjoyed the right of pasturing their sheep during their migrations on a strip of ground about 100 yds. These printable sentence strips use pictures and words to help encourage vocabulary development and fluency through the use of introducing various prepositions. The lakes of Bolsena (Vulsiniensis), of Bracciano (Sabatinus), of Vico (Ciminus), of Albano (Albanus), of Nemi (Nemorensis), and other smaller lakes belong to this district; while between its south-west extremity and Monte Circello the Pontine Marshes form a broad strip of alluvial soil infested by malaria.