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ASM Handbooks Online features the complete content of twenty-four ASM Handbook volumes plus two ASM Desk Editions (the Engineered Materials Handbook and the Metals Handbook). Advanced Technologies & Aerospace Collection indexes citations, abstracts, and full text of journal articles, books, conference papers, technical reports, and patents on all aspects of aeronautics, technology, computing, meteorology, and telecommunications. IEEE Xplore contains full text documents from IEEE and IEE journals, transactions, magazines, ebooks, letters, conference proceedings, standards, and IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) publications. All current Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff, regardless of your location, may request through ILLiad for materials: We ship requests via UPS to users outside the immediate Blacksburg area (Montgomery, Giles and Pulaski counties). 460 Old Turner St. You can perform cited reference searches. Research Areas The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering concentrates its research activities in five broadly defined areas. Randolph Hall, RM 215, Virginia Tech Includes full text of AIAA journal articles and technical papers from 1963 - present as PDFs, as well as full text of the publications of the American Rocket Society and the Institute of the Aerospace Sciences, 1930 - 1962. Conducting cutting-edge research and generating novel technologies to traverse the skies and the oceans; Designing and developing technologies to harvest clean, renewable energy from the motion of the atmosphere and the ocean; Inventing instruments and sensors to probe the mysteries of the ocean, the atmosphere, and space; Rising to—and meeting—today’s aerospace and ocean engineering challenges. ... Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 240 Bell Hall Buffalo, NY 14260-4400. Citations (not full text) of AIAA standards are also available. Randolph Hall, RM 215, Virginia Tech All content is HTML. Blacksburg, VA 24061-0203, Kevin T. Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering (MC0203) Some full text provided in HTML and PDF. College of Engineering / Materials Science and Engineering; ... Research Centers. These thrusts connect our research with Virginia Tech’s "Destination Areas" initiative to provide faculty and students with new tools to identify and solve complex, 21st-century problems in which Virginia Tech already has significant strengths and can take a global leadership role. Occasionally, due to copyright restrictions, a paper copy of an article or standard are sent to the mailing address listed on your account. Kevin T. Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Program educational objectives & student outcomes, Undergraduate enrollment and degrees conferred, The Academy of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Excellence. The Virginia SmallSat Data Consortium, a research center co-led by Virginia Tech and Old Dominion University, has been awarded a $1.5 million grant by the Virginia Research Investment Fund, an initiative to position Virginia as a leader in satellite and data collection and stimulate economic growth in the aerospace sector. NIA Center for Multifunctional Aerospace Materials. Each chapter is presented as a separate PDF. Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences has an active research program that engages faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Areas of Expertise The Department offers a wide range of research opportunities for graduate students covering essentially the entire field of chemical engineering. The Stability Tunnel is a leading research facility for aeroacoustics and aerodynamics. The entire collection is full-text searchable, and many results include interactive tables. ICTAS @ VT Nanoscale Characterization and Fabrication Lab. © 2021 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Significant research topics of our laboratory are summarized into 4 categorizes; Helicopter aerodynamics, design optimization, aviation safety, and vehicle development. The Aerospace Engineering program of study emphasizes aerodynamics, structures, propulsion, and flight mechanics with instructional material leading to a year-long capstone design experience in the senior year. ... the most fascinating and interesting research areas are the … Autonomous robots and unmanned systems; Control theory; Lightweight robotics Research. The Department's research concentrates on energy and environmental engineering, mechanics and materials, and mechatronics and manufacturing. The Department had research awards of $33.2 million last fiscal year, more than any other department in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Hours Site Map Our professors work with cognitive scientists to better understand how to get robots to think and assist people. Carol M. Newman Library, Virginia Tech Fabrication, prototyping, and additive manufacturing. The Aerospace Structures and Materials Laboratory (ASML) in the Aerospace and Ocean Engineering department at Virginia Tech is a research and educational facility dedicated to the understanding of structures and materials. From biomaterials and biomechanics to tissue engineering and translational cancer research, faculty members and students in BEAM’s 11 research areas are redefining the scope of their discipline and bringing a new level of innovation to the field. Below is a list of our faculty and their research affiliation. Knovel is also searchable through the Engineering Village interface. Full text journal articles and books provided as HTML and PDF. Students in this area learn about different design methods and gain systems design experience through individual and team projects. Aerospace Engineering at Virginia Tech. Includes tables of properties for over 13,000 chemical compounds. Areas of current research include aerospace structures, aeroelasticity, biomechanics, flow-induced vibrations, vibroacoustics and minimum weight design with aeroelastic and acoustic constraints. Properties of the materials under these extreme conditions are significantly different from … Blacksburg, VA 24061 You can compare authors, institutions, and journals using various metrics. Main Area: Manufacturing Engineering. Flow visualization on a wing prototype in the Virginia Tech Stability Wind Tunnel—one of the nation’s largest university-operated wind tunnels with maximum speeds of 80 meters per second. Our research is built upon a strong foundation of core competencies, which are the fundamental concepts that ground our program and lead our alumni to distinction. Research Areas Computational Biology and Bioinformatics . Micro & Nano Fabrication Lab. 460 Old Turner St. The Aerospace Systems area teaches and develops methods and techniques to help address the challenges of designing, managing, and operating these systems. Please click on the arrow twice to sort the matrix. Facebook Icon. 2001–2002, Research Assistant, Dept. © 2017 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, University Libraries (0434) Applies fundamental algorithms and computational methods to biology, biochemistry, and biophysics in service to health care, food production, and epidemiology. Inspec (1898-present) indexes citations and abstracts from journal articles, conference proceedings, books, and dissertations in engineering and physical sciences. List of the current research areas by the faculty members in the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. We focus on six strategic thrust areas, which align with faculty expertise in supporting core technology areas. : 514-398-8664 Email 560 Drillfield Drive Articles, book chapters, and many technical papers are delivered in PDF format to your ILLiad account. Compendex (1884-present) indexes citations and abstracts from over 5,000 engineering journals, conference papers, books, patents, dissertations, and technical reports. Prior to joining Virginia Tech, she was a postdoc and a … AccessEngineering provides engineering handbooks and textbooks, plus instructional videos. Dr. Bhuvana Srinivasan is an Assistant Professor in the Kevin T. Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean engineering at Virginia Tech where she has been developing a computational plasma physics program. Staff Only. The Aerospace Engineering program of study emphasizes aerodynamics, structures, propulsion, and flight mechanics with instructional material leading to a year-long capstone design experience in the senior year. Many faculty members are involved with two or three areas and the multi-disciplinary background of the faculty provides a comprehensive approach to the various topics. Full text content is provided as PDFs.Full-text journals back to 1884, conference proceedings back to 1951. Scopus indexes citations of journal articles, conference papers, and books in the sciences, medicine, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Faculty of Engineering Room FDA6C, Adams Building 3450 University St. Montreal, Quebec H3A 0E8 Tel. You can limit to peer-reviewed sources. Menu. Kevin T. Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering. Materials Science and Engineering at Virginia Tech. Our faculty and students are investigating, designing, and manufacturing ways to move boldly—and safely—through spaces both well traveled and unexplored. of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, United Kingdom 1991-1997, Senior Researcher, Aero-Propulsion Department, Korea Aerospace Research Institute Awards and … NTIS (1964-present) indexes citations and abstracts of National Technical Information Service reports and audiovisual materials from sources such as NASA and the departments of Energy and Defense. Space Engineering is a core topic area in both Aerospace and Ocean Engineering. Contact MAE . Blacksburg, VA 24061-0203. ENGnetBASE provides ebooks in HTML and PDF covering civil, mechanical, electrical, industrial, and mining engineering topics. The program culminates in a nationally recognized senior-level sequence including analysis and design of aircraft, spacecraft, and their related technologies. Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine Library Our research concentrates on developing intelligent systems; robots that can help the elderly pick up their glasses or grab a tissue require a combination of automated control, actuators, and sensors. (540) 231-6170, Art & Architecture Library Engineering Village is the search interface to four engineering databases: Compendex, Inspec, NTIS, and Knovel. Library Service Center, Employment Knovel provides ebooks on engineering and related subjects. The SciTech Collections indexes citations, abstracts, and full text from journal articles, books, conference papers, trade publications and more. Analysis and understanding of the space environment, ... Those interested in doing graduate or postdoctoral studies should contact individual Space@VT faculty members to discuss research opportunities. Research Areas. Research covers several major areas: Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 224-10 Randolph Hall (0203) Blacksburg, VA 24061 (540) 231-7568, fax (540) 231-9632 Announcements. The program culminates in a nationally recognized senior-level design sequence including analysis and design of aircraft, spacecraft, and their related technologies. 1980s-present. 1962-present. Research Area The extreme energy engineering studies energetic materials such as explosive and propellants as well as lasers in high pressure and temperature conditions. All rights reserved. Research is also done on landing recovery systems, including winged, rotor, or parachute recovery system trades and scaled flight testing and the long-duration effects of space flight on the human spine. Aerospace systems are complex and highly interdisciplinary. Focus Areas ... National Laboratory for four years and I am extremely grateful for having had that valuable experience prior to joining Virginia Tech. Visitor Information The aerospace engineering curriculum includes the areas of aerodynamics, flight dynamics and controls, propulsion, and aerospace structures. Knovel provides a large collection of ebooks on engineering and related subjects. Feedback & Comments Diana Bairaktarova, Ph.D., Assistant Professor ( - Learning environments, Factors impacting student performance (spatial and mechanical reasoning), Creativity, Ethical and Empathic Design. The aerospace engineering curriculum includes the areas of aerodynamics, flight dynamics and controls, propulsion, and aerospace structures. The research activities range from applied to theoretical problems, and are extremely multi-disciplinary, involving applied mathematics, solid mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, computations, solid state physics, material science and experiments for various kinds of solid materials/systems and mechanical behaviors. Check out the Small Craft Motions Program, SCraMP, in the iTunes app store! Advanced Technologies & Aerospace Collection from ProQuest, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine Library, not owned by Virginia Tech (books, articles from journals and conference proceedings, book chapters, standards, and technical papers), owned by Virginia Tech but are unavailable for use (print books), owned by Virginia Tech and available in print (scans of articles from journals and conference proceedings, book chapters, standards, and technical papers). The fluid and thermal sciences research area has both fundamental and applied studies in energy conversion, heat and mass transport, and bioengineering. 1800s-present. Veterinary Medicine Library NVC Resource Center Additional information is found at MAE Research. Congratulations Dr. Qing Yang who successfully defended his PhD thesis in December, 2011! All of the faculty in the department have externally-funded research programs with grants from such agencies as the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Energy. Research Area Aerospace Vehicle Design Lab in Seoul National University was established in 1983 to research various subjects occurred in air flow in regard to aircraft.
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