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Press Releases. Even so, advances in technology have made working … If you believe in “out of sight, out of mind,” you’ll understand that with remote teams there is a higher chance someone won’t get invited to a meeting, or someone will not receive important communication. It helps to have a trusted advisor who understands the challenges and opportunities you face every day. That’s where we can help. The shift to remote work introduced countless new home networks — and new opportunities for cyberattacks — into the business landscape. Article Submission Guidelines The answer is key for herd immunity, research finds, Like what you're reading? As a result, they’re feeling more engaged and productive on the job. That’s according to “Work-From-Anywhere: The Productivity Effects of Geographic Flexibility,” a Harvard Business School working paper by Prithwiraj Choudhury, Cirrus Foroughi and Barbara Larson, released in December 2019. Subscribe to GeekWire's free newsletters to catch every headline, presented by First Tech Federal Credit Union, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” That’s what management guru, So, I listed a few things — there are more, many more — that companies and CEOs need to be aware of before closing down their physical offices for good. Since the coronavirus struck, millions are suddenly having to work from home. When does the day start and when does it end? Terms of Use. Above all, it’s harder to get them to absorb the company culture. If anything, 2020 underscored the importance of agility: Companies need technologies that allow employees to work from anywhere. It’s logistically more complex (laptop, access keys, set up, passport checks, etc.). While sat at my kitchen table, I’ve put together a few of my best practice thoughts on working from home. I’ve been working from home on and off for the last two decades. After abrupt transitions to working remotely in 2020, organizations will hit their stride in 2021. The ones that are at the office get more visibility, more opportunities, and are more in the know. Even when a lot of the culture is written, there is a lot more between the lines. Everything from personal hygiene to knowing when to stop work can become a challenge. Subscribe to GeekWire's free newsletters to catch every headline. Nine HR trends emerge as the lasting result of workforce and workplace changes resulting from coronavirus pandemic disruption, … While some are readying their return-to-office plans to resume business as usual, others are embracing a dispersed workforce and adapting accordingly. Privacy Policy. Time. Hailing from Aberdeen in Scotland, his work with the Nintex Platform exposed him to the full lifecycle from analysis and requirement gathering to delivery, support and training, contributing across a spectrum of projects in various industries and in some interesting places. But often, working from home can be very productive. I see these numbers more than doubling in a post-pandemic world. While many of us look forward to eating in a restaurant or going to a movie theater again, the promise of a vaccine doesn’t mean we have to return to business as usual. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” That’s what management guru Peter Drucker once said. Let us know. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a massive change in where many of us work. Changing a company policy is easy. SMG/CMSWire is a leading, native digital publication produced by Simpler Media Group, Inc. Our CMSWire and Reworked publications provide articles, research and events for sophisticated digital professionals. Yes, some folks will welcome this change. … Advertiser Media Kit The future of offices is cloudy following COVID-19 work-from-home company policies. Tech giants like Microsoft have already unveiled such plans, and many more are sure to follow suit. most knowledge workers are more productive at home, These 2020 Trends Will Shape the 2021 Workplace, Dion Hinchcliffe on Why Remote First is the Future of Employee Experience, remote workers have caused a security breach, Social Media Trends to Consider in Your 2021 Marketing Strategy, Social Media Influencers: Mega, Macro, Micro or Nano, 7 Big Problems with the Internet of Things, 34 Headless CMS That Should Be On Your Radar, Trello vs. Asana: Battle of the Freemium Project Management Tools, Microsoft, Verizon Partner for Edge, Google Workspace’s New Add-Ons and More News, How Technology Can Help Bridge Generational Divides, The Elements of a Robust Digital Workplace. Our editorial team produces 150+ authoritative articles per month for our 3 million+ community members. Related Article: How 5G Will Better Enable Remote Work. Ben Pring. You can find plenty of pro-WFH articles out there — I don’t need to list them here. Remote employees … I find I can be more productive for some types of work and have more time to exercise, cook and be with the family when I’m working from home. The following trends will play a major role in the future of work, which is shaping up to be a bright spot for employees and companies alike. To learn more, please visit our COVID-19 resource page. Evolution of the Home Office After abrupt transitions to working remotely in 2020, organizations will hit their stride in 2021. 10 Thoughts on 2020. Twitter, the service, was buzzing, with many investors and pundits calling it the end of the office space as we know it. [CMSWire Webinar] Drive Content Faster with Headless CMS, [CMSWire Webinar] Experience at Scale: How to Build a Data-Driven Digital Workplace, [CMSWire Webinar] Brave New World: How CX Changed in a Flash. But the health risks and infeasibility of sharing paper documents among coworkers across remote settings might finally push companies to do away with physical files and shift to entirely digitized documents. Through a lot of interaction and data points, a manager can determine the level of engagement of an employee at each interaction. One might argue that a remote workforce creates more opportunities for a person to work for a company without having to relocate — a legitimate concern in some instances of immigration, disability, or family-care limitations. In 2021, businesses will work to improve employee education and adopt more comprehensive cybersecurity strategies like zero trust. The future of work is here right now and leaders need to take a proactive stance in understanding how work will be done and how that shift impacts the workforce. For most, it requires careful behavior monitoring and adjusting. Certain aspects of team and company building are also much harder to achieve. And speculations circulating work at home using tools for remote Startups, are also doing their rounds, which prompted experts to conduct surveys that shed some light about its future. Now that companies have the data to prove remote work positively impacts productivity, they’ll be open to long-term flexibility options that improve the employee experience, including permanent remote work, hybrid work environments and shifted hours to accommodate childcare responsibilities. One recent study found that remote workers have caused a security breach in 20% of organizations. 1. Work-from-anywhere arrangements could be even better for productivity than working from home, depending on the type of work. Ben Pring March 20, 2020 - 5036 views. Burgeoning real estate prices renders it impossible even for large corporations to open offices at multiple locations. On-boarding an employee who’s not at the office is one or two orders of magnitude more complex. What? Facebook has unveiled a mixed reality workspace, which could help its employees work from home in future. I have no official statistics to quote, but recently I’ve heard from two founders who run 100+ people operations about the same issue with siloed knowledge. Or, the TV problem. For the office-centric companies, the future of work will likely be a hybrid approach, which, of course, presents its own set of challenges. For example, it is unlikely that retail and food services jobs will allow work from home anytime in the near future. The vaccine will take time to roll out, and the need to wear masks and observe physical distance will remain in effect throughout the year. GeekWire’s coverage this week is underwritten by Bader Martin, CPAs + Advisors to Great Technology Companies. Why do people go to movies, shopping malls, crowded parks, sporting events? How Do CIOs Feel About a Return to On-Premises Work? Enabling greater homeworking in future is therefore likely to lead to productivity gains overall for employers. 9 Future of Work Trends Post-COVID-19. DX Summit Conference Working from home, research has found, can boost employee productivity, improve work/life balance and foster better mental health (not to mention reduce pollution from commuters). The Future of Work. There is so much in communication that can get lost when working remotely. Canada Life studies reveal telecommuters on average avail only 1.8 days of sick leave per calendar year compared over 3.1 days … Very few are exceptional at it. Have a scoop that you'd like GeekWire to cover? The risk is the brewing of sub-cultures and countercultures. Contributor: Mary Baker. Millions of people in China have returned to work, and other countries beginning to ease lockdowns. We also have a Reader Advisory Board. From suspected Russian cyberattacks on US government computer systems to Clearview AI’s massive data breach, cyber threats have been growing in frequency and severity. Some won’t. Related Article: These 2020 Trends Will Shape the 2021 Workplace. The hybrid work model Generation Z will soon become the largest segment of the workforce and they are interested in a hybrid approach to work -- time split between home and workplace. Tags Enterprises will increase their investments in mobile technology next year, and 5G may finally take off. For a lot of people, it was the desire to work side by side with other folks. No one could have predicted that millions of Americans would suddenly be working from home, yet the COVID-19 pandemic will surely leave a lasting impact on the future of work. If working from home is the ‘future of work,’ here are 11 reasons why the office sounds better by Marcelo Calbucci on May 16, 2020 at 9:00 am May 16, … A switch to remote work is a bait-and-switch to your employees. But after nearly a year of remote work, organizations are now positioned to fine-tune organizational processes and digital strategies, creating a future of work that better supports both the employee and the enterprise. Changing its DNA is hard. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, there is an awakening among CEOs that employees are capable of doing work and being productive from home. Most managers have a lot to learn on how to manage people well. One of the main reasons employees have been more productive from home is their improved work-life balance. However, working at home has been a trend on the rise. With a remote workforce also comes the cross-time-zone workforce. Worse, a poor manager will go unchecked for much longer in a remote work set up. Which is something that happens often with fast-growing companies. As long ago as 1985, the mainstream media was … Sometimes, the exceptions become the rule. Remote reckoning: Tech companies face tough trade-offs as WFH becomes permanent reality, WFH 101: Tips and tricks from the home front as tech workers go remote during coronavirus crisis, Zillow approves remote work policy for rest of 2020; CEO says views on WFH ‘turned upside down’, Seattle startup Uplevel adds features to measure engineer productivity in remote work settings, Outspoken climate researcher dishes out some advice for Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, Domain and hosting services company Epik has not had contact with Parler following AWS boot, Watch Blue Origin fly its first capsule that’s designed to send people to space and back, Can vaccinated people still transmit COVID-19? Instead, here are several arguments for why WFH isn’t always unicorns and rainbows: Part of choosing a company to work for is to identify with their work culture and their values. [CMSWire Webinar] CX in 2021: More of the Same, or an Opportunity for Change? Below, we look at the seven reasons why home working is the future. The companies that can adapt and change their culture and DNA will fair better. Every company has a culture that’s influenced by the founder. Various surveys indicate, home workers are less prone to take sick leave. As much as you establish company policies and guidelines about respecting people’s working hours (lunchtime, breaks between meetings, calendar working hours) there will be exceptions. As vaccines roll out around the globe, companies are preparing for the workplace of 2021. It also happens in dysfunctional companies in general, which most are. The area that seems less conflicting in terms of data, is that of the impact of homeworking on wellbeing, both physical and mental. © 2021 Simpler Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Why do people go to a restaurant if they can cook at home? Like other experts , Golden predicts seeing “a fairly radical shift in the mindset, in terms of the acceptability of remote work and how we can do it effectively.” Expensive tech campuses were designed to attract talent, but what happens when the best benefit is working from home… It’s also true that interns and new graduates get a lot more value when they are sitting side by side with their manager, mentor, and peers. With remote work, this is harder because there will be fewer data points. There are other personal benefits from remote setups. That said, employees reporting productivity gains from homeworking are keenest to work from home in the future. Organizations will seek to fuel this productivity by facilitating better remote work experiences. It’s built into the DNA of the company and its communication, recruiting, planning, meetings, messaging, prioritization, etc. There are several other reasons why work from home is the future trend. The Future of Working From Home After Covid Has Gone The white-collar world has been forced by Covid-19 into a "work from home" experiment, and the results are in. Dr Birkett said: ‘Large scale working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown has the potential to significantly impact the future of work in the UK and across the globe. Solutions like process automation will help streamline tasks that used to require tedious in-person or manual labor, further enabling the new era of cloud working. Related Article: Dion Hinchcliffe on Why Remote First is the Future of Employee Experience. When you are in the office, it’s not unusual for you to pass by someone and realize they should be invited to a specific meeting. So, I listed a few things — there are more, many more — that companies and CEOs need to be aware of before closing down their physical offices for good. Real estate company Cushman & Wakefield has designed an office where workers can keep six feet … It takes a lot of additional effort from the management chain and HR to check the pulse in the organization (have I mentioned most organizations are dysfunctional in their own special way?). This week, Twitter announced that employees can work from home indefinitely, becoming the first big tech company to make such an open-ended switch in policy. Let’s call this the refrigerator problem. Join us as a subscriber. On the flip side, activities that need high-bandwidth collaboration and communication are harder. Many employees and employers have had their first taste of home working and our research shows that both groups have seen the advantages of more flexible working. “Working from home is not very productive right now,” Bloom told me. Increased remote work goes hand-in-hand with a more mobile workforce. Chris Ellis, technical director at Nintex, gained invaluable experience in SharePoint, Office 365 and the Nintex Platform as a pre-sales solution specialist within the partner network. Here are a few tips from someone who’s been doing it, happily, for 20 years. Additionally, cloud computing — which was already on the rise thanks to the reduced operational costs and increased efficiencies it provides — will continue to become more popular. Companies large and small have been trying for decades to make working from home work. We crave people watching, human interactions, and, for the more extroverted ones, the love of the chat by the water-cooler. And everything that affects an employee’s health, physical or mental, will end up affecting their work. DW Experience Conference An early-April 2020 MIT survey of 25,000 American workers found that 34% of those who’d been employed four weeks earlier said they’re currently working from home. Yet at the same time, most knowledge workers are more productive at home than they were in the office. These days, a great idea doesn’t guarantee success. Single. On the positive side, the unique circumstance of working and learning from home as a family has created more empathy between teammates and shifted perceptions held by both managers and employees that work can be done remotely. Work-from-home arrangements assume … Some of the most interesting forecasts about working at home are given below. Although it may seem like we live in a largely paperless world already, the pandemic revealed just how much paper we still rely on in the workplace. Learn more about underwritten and sponsored content on GeekWire. Mass working from home is here to sta y Once the COVID-19 pandemic passes, rates of people working from home will explode. The future of work from CES: The headquarters at home CES 2021 offered insights on what it's like to work from home and how far technology still has to go to make it the office we all need. For some jobs, the ability to offer work from home arrangements is constrained by the nature of the work itself. It’s because we are social creatures. We have the opportunity — and nearly a year’s worth of learnings — to fix inefficient workplace processes and start forging a better workplace now. Turns out, they always do anyway. Co-working space Fora, whose 11 London sites are home to companies including Time Warner, Sony, Nike and Dropbox, have upgraded security cameras to incoroporate thermal-imaging technology in … Monthly Editorial Calendar Read more about us or learn how to advertise here. Photo: Tom Foremski A large part of the workforce is not a fan of working from home … [CMSWire Webinar] Critical DXP Capabilities for Delivering Experiences Faster. by Marcelo Calbucci on May 16, 2020 at 9:00 amMay 16, 2020 at 10:06 am. It’s also made work more inclusive for … For some people, the discipline of working from home comes naturally. Organizations should plan how to adapt offices to comply with social distancing rules. For others, it’s a cool office space in a buzzing neighborhood. You thought you’d create a remote work policy and only hire people in Seattle? Lastly, organizations will rethink physical office spaces, downsizing and maximizing remaining space for in-person collaboration when needed. Great managers, after many months of knowing an employee, can understand what motivates that employee. Executives or HR can’t take their eyes off the ball. Researchers and economists have found that the new working-from-home economy possesses challenges as well as benefits, bringing societal impacts … June 8, 2020. Or, the puppy problem. Providing work-from-home facilities circumvents such investments in terms of financial commitments and manpower. For most people at a company, their manager is their interface with the company. TRENDING POSTS. Working from home is not possible when transporting goods, but working remotely is fully possible if not desirable for consultants who may be travelling away from their home office often anyway. Human Resources. Every. A results-oriented work environment (ROWE) should be the goal of any company. Social distancing regulations to combat the coronavirus outbreak are forcing millions of Americans to work remotely. These include more time with families and other mental health benefits. Often, it’s implicit and unwritten. It takes a lot more effort to keep the company culture when teams are working from home. One of the biggest traps of a flexible WFH arrangement — as opposed to “we don’t have an office so everyone must WFH” — is that it creates two classes of employees. Home-working is not new - it's been on the up in recent decades - and many companies have already been trying to save money on rent by hiring co-working space. Tech stipends will enable employees to upgrade their home set-ups, while software investments, such as AI/ML, process automation and AR/VR, will help streamline organizational processes. But there are a whole host of other benefits to home working, particularly from a health and wellbeing perspective. It shouldn’t be like this and there are ways to improve it, but yet it happens. Let’s be honest. They’re spending less time commuting and more time interacting with family or engaging in personal hobbies. The reality is, the workplace will remain largely virtual in 2021 regardless of business leaders’ long-term plans. At Home. “Overall, working from home doesn’t change your day-to-day work, it just means you’ll be doing it from a different environment,” Christie added. What the future holds for tech’s billion-dollar headquarters. If you learn from the companies that do have a remote workforce, you’ll see that it’s not simply a policy change. 2020 saw enterprises sprinting toward digital transformation finish lines, and 2021 will certainly have its fair share of bumps in the road. It’s also more complicated to get them to know the team and the work. Now, with the pandemic shuttering the face-to-face economy, it seems poised to weaken the spatial relationship between work and home. Work from home arrangements allow workers to save time and money from commuting, eating out, and laundry. A Corporate Lifeline for Domestic Violence Victims. In 2021, many employees will be just as productive on the move as they were at home or in the office. As the pandemic resets major work trends, HR leaders need to rethink workforce and employee planning, management, performance and experience strategies. Remote employees experienced technological and hardware challenges this year due to the limited technological resources, slow wi-fi connections and inadequate workspaces in their homes. Companies including Mondelez, Nationwide and Barclays are moving to permanent work-from-home positions as a result of cost-cutting needed in a … 5g, chris ellis, digital workplace, eim, information management, remote work, working from home, View All Events Add Your Event Events RSS. Why pay for a gym membership if they can buy exercise equipment to use at home? 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For the last five years, there’s been an increasing chorus of engineers, designers and professionals claiming that remote work is the future. In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show that 8 percent of all employees worked from home at least one day a week. An abrupt change is more likely to lead to a catastrophe than to a nirvana (remember Yahoo’s remote work policy fiasco?).
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