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Flying Dutchman: You? SpongeBob Picture: Stow that kind of talk, sailor! Later, Squidward tries to walk out, but falls into a very deep square hole right in front of his door] Squidward: All right, I'll bite. Squidward: There's nothing to this patty flipping, Mr. Krabs! SpongeBob is tied up with some rope which Patrick will lower him in with. Cut to a Frisbee. 019b - Neptune's Spatula. Patrick: SpongeBob, look at my new paper ghost! ), Mr. Krabs: Nothing like a good ghost story, eh, me boy? In this episode, SpongeBob tries to find a way to scare people. Mr. Krabs: [with his head bursting through one of SpongeBob's employee pictures] Wait, you've got to pay for those! After he finishes as quickly as possible, he begins to run away, but Mr. Krabs stops him and asks him if he wants to hear his "annual scary story," and he then does. Nature Pants: Opposite Day: 10 Culture Shock: F.U.N. AM I THE BIGGEST LOSER ON THE BEACH?! (SpongeBob comes out) No more Scaredypants! Squidward: I already told you, that award is a bunch of... [gets sprayed with meat again] ...baloney! SpongeBob: That is not true, Squidward. (The scene begins with Peck trying to crow twice, but on the third time, he was smack with a door from a happy Otis) [Otis] Good morning, barnyard Peck: Ouch. I’m the Flying Dutchman! Scaredy Pants; There Will Be Shrieks; That's the Spirit; Good Will Haunting; Candy Bar Creep Show; Doug's Halloween Adventure; Characters. Give me your souls! Spiders are scary, uhh, I’m scary. SpongeBob: But, sir… (They are chatting excitedly about it.) Don’t you want to hear my annual scary story? Clean floors! [SpongeBob and Squidward are watching each other through their windows] Look at him. I scared him! SpongeBob: Well, I'm going in early to wax the floors! Those are my street clothes! I’m the ghost of the Flying Dutchman! (SpongeBob is now sitting on a chair in his bathroom. Patrick comes out with a pair of clogs) Step into these babies, Hans. You can't trust him as far as you can throw him. SpongeBob SquarePants 2. Watchin' me. Squidward: Flowers and chocolate for you, Mr. Krabs! [screaming] [crashing] Woah! I might sneak up on you. Pearl 12. We compare season one’s “Scaredy Pants” to the recent stop-motion animated special “The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom.” We also play SpongeBob trivia … Great party, huh? Pirates, skeletons, and sea monsters. Scary? SpongeBob: No, Squidward! Listen to that snore! Don't go out like a punk! (kids laugh), Kid #1: No, please, that was enough of a treat, thank you. It was released digitally on 28 February 2016 and in print on 23 March 2016 by DC Comics. Get me out of here! I'm trying to sleep. SpongeBob: Hey, what do you know? Boys, the Krabby Patties! SpongeBob: (Gary is on his exercise wheel) Exercise time is over, Gary. Alternate transcripts are available here. Scaredy Smurf: (Holding a crossbow) Smurf it together, Scaredy! Whales are outside] Plankton: [scared] Ahhhh! Like a dump truck without a muffler! The door creaks open and SpongeBob jumps in surprise] Mr. Krabs: What's going on here?! Loser! His hand shakes as he tries to grab onto the rail. [SpongeBob saws around it and pushes the door on Squidward and runs away. A green figure appears). Plankton: Doesn't feel so good on the other end of the stick, does it scaredy pants? Thomas delights in teasing Percy about Edward's ghost engine and, when an engine is needed to get another load, Duck … SpongeBob: Well, you'll have to get up pretty early to get there before me! Squidward manages to climb out of the hole; SpongeBob wakes up to hear some hammering] Squidward! Top Clips of SpongeBob SquarePants (1999) - S01E13 Scaredy Pants! 13 Stories Haunted House. Don't wanna look tired for my 'Employee of the Month' photo! You will stop at nothing--and I mean nothing--to defeat him! Spongebob Squarepants Movie Transcript 018a - Texas. He gives it to me because I work harder. Previous Well, almost everyone. Squidward: Annoy Squidward Day? (SpongeBob steps into the clogs) Terrifying. SpongeBob: That is not true, Squidward. Mr. Krabs: Hold on. Squidward: Are y-Are you trying to say that you are better than me?! I'll stop by after work! Ok, let’s get this over with. [crashing] [screaming] Ouch! This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, "SB-129" from season one, which aired on December 31, 1999. This is no time to go lily-livered on us! (opens the door then turns around) Is it a true story? I SHOT MYSELF IN THE DICK! (Accidentally shoots himself in the crotch) AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Sandy: Howdy Squidward, I mean, Flying Dutchman. (drops the pickle into a bag that has the words "Krusty Krab" crossed out and the word "soul" written above it. Patrick: Oh, no question! …26-time loser! Your costume really packs a punch. Patrick: Are you sure you want to do this? Voice: SB-129. Spike: Check. The door creaks open and SpongeBob … [pan across Goo Lagoon], Narrator: Ah, Goo Lagoon. [SpongeBob puts his money into the register. Comedy Central Recommended for you Now move out! Somebody must've expected this. Title card is shown, title jumps on, and a snail trail follows at the end of the title card showing. Written by Paul Tibbitt and Peter Burns. “Scaredy Pants” aka “Hassle in the Castle”. Gary the Snail 8. [SpongeBob screams, feeling scared] SpongeBob: Oooh...I’m the Flying Dutchman! Though we don't see SpongeBob, yet, Flying Dutchman flies out screaming. Help! … Squidward: SpongeBob! Content for true SpongeBob fans. SpongeBob? I don’t get it, Gary. Spike: Check. [episode starts] French narrator: Ah, it is Sunday morning in Bikini Bottom, and it is about time for Squidward to practice his clarinet. SpongeBob: What’s the difference between that ghost and me? (tries running out but Mr. Krabs stops him in his tracks). Don't tell me. That’s my brain. One Halloween, after Edward tells the other engines a story of a ghost engine that returns to the Smelters in search of his lost whistle, Thomas, Percy, and Duck are sent to collect a special from the smelters. Transcript: master yo clip judge clip ms grunion clip judge clip trixie clip judge clip plant monster clip judge clip darla clip judge clip cat clip judge clip sour clip fairy godmother clip ursula clip zira clip eris clip tom clip Dedicated yo: Fox Prince strongdrew941 76859Thomas1 ZacTheBearSurmans2nd jaclyn bachik Song: SpongeBob ScaredyPants Transcript: Scaredy Pants/Transcript JoinLittlefoot,Cera,Ducky,Petrie,Spike,Chomper, andRubyas they have their own adventures outside of Universal Studios andThe Great Valleywhere they go into different places, make new friends, fight old and new enemies, and save the world at the same time. SpongeBob walks back to bed] For information on SpongeBob videos released outside of North America, click here. (Patrick puts on his funny glasses) Let’s go scare somebody. Hmmm, a Krabby Patty! Squidward: That oughta hold him! Costumes for the Haunted House industry. SpongeBob: Well, me neither! Squidward: I'm watching you, SpongeBob. Then, what to do if the one rescuing the princess isn't a prince? SpongeBob: Clean dishes, Mr. Krabs! now. [SpongeBob jumps out of the Krusty Krab screaming and beings to walk home. Toon Friends Extravaganza Part 1 “Madame Blueberry and the Fiery Furnace from Chocolate Factory!” [gets out a calendar] That's on the 15th! (doorbell rings), Patrick: Come on, SpongeBob. Squidward appears to be on the verge of a breakout. Squidward: Don't bother; I'll have done it already by the time you get there! Faster, SpongeBob, faster! Have I made myself clear, private? Having pride in your work is nothing to be ashamed of, why it's the only thing that makes it all worthwhile. List of episode transcripts At the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob is cleaning the dishes at the end of the workday, as he becomes frightened by the creepy door closing and a message reading "BOO" on the order slips. SpongeBob: You can't win that award if you don't get up for work! Morrissey Heather Nuhfer Cover Dan Hipp "Scaredy Pants" is the twenty-ninth issue of the Teen Titans Go! The Big Bang Theory (2007) - S01E06 The Middle-Earth Paradigm - Find video clips by quote. (concentrates more) D-don't tell me. What is it, SpongeBob? Previous=The World's Strongest Engine Transcript Next=Percy And The Haunted Mine Transcript Here's the full transcript to Scaredy Engines. Squidward: And this is a symbol of what I think of the 'Employee of the Month' award! Does this mean my whole body of work is meaningless?! SpongeBob: Look, Mr. Krabs! Rawr! SpongeBob: What if Squidward's right? SpongeBob: [laughs] No, silly! Well, almost everyone. General (breathes out flames to burn them) You had it coming, you little crybabies. [laughing] Help! [the pants walk off, leaving SpongeBob alone] SpongeBob: Oh, I didn't have to be a fool to get Sandy's attention. Squidward: I'm telling you for the last time, that award is nothing but a joke! For further questions go to SpongePedia:Contents ! Later the two are trying to drag along some big items. Patrick takes his glasses off) Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Trick-or-treaters (one in a witch costume, one in a pumpkin man costume and one in a mummy costume) 9. SpongeBob: Nope! The door creaks open and SpongeBob jumps in surprise) Who's there? Squidward: [peeks in] Need some help? (SpongeBob and Patrick are on the roof of the Krusty Krab. The episode begins with SpongeBob working at the Krusty Krab during Halloween night. Pooh's Adventures of SpongeBob SquarePants: Scaredy Pants is Yru17's 1st Winnie the Pooh/SpongeBob SquarePants crossover film. "Scaredy Pants" List of episode transcripts This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Employee of the Month" from Season 1, which aired on March 8, 2000. He looks up towards the slide and gulps. Squidward: No, how about you? "Scaredy Pants" is an episode from season 1. Camera focuses onto Chuckie. Mr. Krabs: Boys! Video Transcript. Mr. Krabs: Thattaboy, SpongeBob! He becomes frightened by a door closing and a message reading "BOO" on the order slips. Squidward: [thinking] ...I'm gonna make a run for it. SpongeBob struggles to keep himself awake.] [the amount of Krabby Patties fills up the kitchen and the Krusty Krab itself, causing the whole restaurant to explode, sending thousands of patties raining down in front of the citizens] This is the 33rd episode for season 1 from Winnie the Pooh Goes Back at the Barnyard. OK, Patrick, kill the lights! That’s right y’all… Today we’re talking the GMOAT: The GREATEST MORTALITY OF ALL TIME: BLACK DEATH. [Squidward gets caught in a net and SpongeBob runs by laughing. This page was last modified on 19 April 2011, at 19:07. [SpongeBob lies on the beach] We blew it, pants. [crashing] [screaming] Ouch! [SpongeBob goes to his bed and sleeps a while. 261 likes. (SpongeBob is washing the dishes in the Krusty Krab kitchen. Recent blog posts Help Explore. Books Gregg, […] Episode 5 Plague Part 1: The GMOAT. (thunder appears and the front doors are open), Flying Dutchman: Enough! Squidward: Okay, let's have a good clean fight. Patrick: Oh boy, that was something. [SpongeBob marches away and then we see SpongeBob looking through his windows through binoculars while Squidward gets ready for bed] Mr. Krabs: Money, money, gonna make some money! You can purchase quality haunted house costumes for your haunted house actors. 020a - Hooky. After he finishes, he begins to run away, but Mr. Krabs stops him and asks him if he wants to hear his \"annual scary story,\" and he then does. Squidward: Stop it, SpongeBob! Later he sees a Krabby Patty] "The Chaperone" Narrator: Halloween is no different under the waves. (laughs evily) Ohh, sorry. Squidward and SpongeBob are in the kitchen] Two spatulas to increase productivity, Mr. Krabs! From SpongePedia, the First SpongeBob Wiki. Krabs spits out the apple which shoots past Squidward and Sandy). (laughs while walking out), Squidward: (walks up behind SpongeBob) Steal your soul. [every award photo now has an army hat on] [laughing] Help! Patrick: Hiya, SpongeBob! SpongeBob: Hey, Squidward! (SpongeBob jumps up screaming), Mr. Krabs: Ah, Scaredy Pants gets easier to scare every year! Scaredy Pants - Spongebob Squarepants Transcripts. SpongeBob: It's much more efficient to clean dishes this way, Mr. Krabs! All video releases listed below were distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution. Squidward: I don't need to sleep! “How scary.” He managed to choke out a second later, teeth clamping back down once the words were out. I know! What’s scary? SpongeBob: Hey, Plankton, if I were you I wouldn't be so smug. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. He tells the story of the Flying Dutchman, a ghost who s… Bed Monster: Will you stop that snoring? There’s all kinds of scary things in the world. Hey, Squidward? To also view the script on Google Docs, click here. It’s my turn. (SpongeBob & Patrick run off laughing again).
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